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Article: Chasing the Tune of Kokopelli
By Maureen Gaffney
Posted on June 11, 2018

About Maureen Gaffney: Maureen lives in Larkspur, CA and when she's not riding singletrack or writing for magazines, she works for the San Francisco Bay Trail Project.

Camp-by-Tom-GlodowskiExcerpt: "While spinning out several long, straight miles in a vast open plain, animal prints in the path ahead caught my attention. “Hmmm, dog…” I thought, offhandedly. But wait. Nobody’s walking a Labradoodle out here, no Feefie, no Fluffy—these are wild animal tracks to be sure, coyote being the most likely candidate. It thrilled me that despite my pesky presence here, this and other largely wild places still exist, that leash-less things rule the roost out here. My internal turntable played the chorus to “Wondering Where the Lions Are…” for a bit, and this distracted me through the next six miles or so. "

Article: Biking Bears Ears: Getting Dirty in a Contested National Monument
By Maureen Gaffney
Posted on July 21, 2017

About Maureen Gaffney: Maureen lives in Larkspur, CA and when she's not riding singletrack or writing for magazines, she works for the San Francisco Bay Trail Project.

Bears Ears down to Cathedral ButteExcerpt: "Having survived the windstorm, stocked up on French toast, bacon and coffee, we rolled out ahead of the rig that teetered under the weight of our collective goods—bags, tents, backpacks, food, beer, spare bike and more. Great sweeping views to the Needles and the distant Abajo range, folded canyons and valleys in the foreground with names that epitomized the west: Beef Basin, Dugout Ranch, Dark Canyon, etc. While the new gravel-grinding craze somewhat mystifies me (in my day we called this “the shitty fire road part” and strove to avoid it at all costs), out here in a place so different from my California homeland, or the awesome-but-intense trails of Moab, I welcomed the chance to look up and out for sustained periods of time, taking in the immensity of this place. "


Article: Riding Like Royalty: Mountain Biking the Rim of the Grand Canyon with Rim Tours
By Maureen Gaffney
Posted on Oct 20, 2016

About Maureen Gaffney: Maureen lives in Larkspur, CA and when she's not riding singletrack or writing for magazines, she works for the San Francisco Bay Trail Project.

A mountain bike rider on the Rainbow Rim Trail section of the North Rim of the Grand CanyonExcerpt: "Yes, it’s flowy and there’ll be no hucking, no gap jumps, and no hanging off the back having the rear tire hit ya where the good lord split ya, but I always say if it’s not technical enough for you, go faster. To me, this is the perfect trip for the couple that contains one hardcore and one newbie. There’s just no way the hardcore can’t love these trails, the views, the nature immersion, for this is the essence of mountain biking. For the newbie, yeah, maybe they do some walking here and there, but he’ll soon forget that part and become a convert."


Article: Over the Handlebars in Moab
Posted on Oct 6, 2016

About Sol Jorn: "Travel-Write-Photograph. The light in life is knowing we give all our time, all our mulah and every inch of our gusto to the space in our heads and hearts that screams there is so much more to know and learn. As of now we are travelling the United States and Canada in an 18 foot travel trailer."

Sol Jorn blog authors Matt and Anna jumping with joy at Dead Horse PointExcerpt: "Having limited experience with mountain biking, the terrain was challenging but with the help of our guide Marla, who has so much soul and love for life, we were on our way to loving a new sport. Both rocks and sand created the obstacles and it was a head game to overcome them. I was truly disappointed that the camera wasn’t rolling when I went completely over my handle bars, smashing to the ground with the eloquence of a toddler in a bouncy castle, with more thud than bounce. I’m still bruised and also bummed I didn’t make it through that section. Fortunately, the more coordinated half of the team dominated and made it look easy. The nice thing about mountain biking in Dead Horse State Park is that when you have to dust yourself off, at least you have amazing views to pick you back up."


Article: Life Elevated: an unforgettable week in Utah
Posted on Mar 10, 2016

About AdVinetures: "We are avid lovers of both travel and wine. Between us we have visited more than 75 countries and tasted wines from across the globe."

"Established in Moab in 1985, owner Kirstin Peterson has built a fantastic reputation within the community as the most reputable biking guides around that make safety and their clients’ enjoyment their top priority.

Dead HorseOur guide Dave was completely consistent with what we had heard from the locals, first ascertaining our experience and comfort level and then making a couple of suggestions based on what time would permit for our ride. He ended up taking us to Dead Horse Point State Park, a spot that afforded incredible panoramic views of mountains, reefs and canyons with very little traffic. In fact, during the 3 hours we spent with Dave, we only ran into one other mountain biker. We had, almost completely to ourselves, a network of trails that offered the full spectrum from easy to moderate to quite technical trails."

Recent reviews on Trip Advisor

5 of 5 bubbles5 stars TAReviewed April 6, 2017

White Rim guides were extremely efficient and professional. Food was exceptional. They take great care of you. Did a couple of day tours after the multi-day and by then the bike and body were starting to fall apart. Great outfit to see Canyonlands with very little planning required.

5 stars TAReviewed March 23, 2017

My husband and I did a morning ride with Melissa.
She was so professional and on time and full of life and enthusiasm. We had been on the road a while and had met lots of guides around Utah and Melissa was by far the most organised and positive.
We also didn't feel babied by her and while she took care of us and guided us to a trail she didn't try and hold our hands and hold us back from having fun - sooooo happy about this because being from Ireland and visiting the US, there's a big difference in culture when it comes to this freedom. So we appreciated her expertise but also her trust that we could do it ourselves.
We had a great morning ride along a couple of cool tracks with great views into Arches. We were also taken to this cool cliff area where cowboys used to corral their cattle.
The bikes were brand new. We were provided with waters in bottles we were allowed keep and while every guide and tour we did said snacks were provided we never received any except for Rim Tours which had lovely fresh fruit and Cliff bars for us.
Just a decent company, not pinching pennies, very professional and knowledgeable of the area, and offering great value for money.
It was the best guided tour we did and with the best guide.

Visited March 2017 
5 stars TAReviewed January 5, 2017

I can't say enough great things about Rim Tours. We contracted with them to do a half day group mountain bike ride at Dead Horse Point State Park the morning of our wedding. We had 17 people in the group, and while a few of us were experienced riders, many of our number had either never been on a mountain bike before or else it had been a few years.

Brooks and Julie did a fantastic job start to finish. They showed up on time, got all the bikes and gear unloaded and assigned, and gathered the group together for a safety meeting. Then we got some basic education on how the bikes worked and tips for riding. They had everyone take a spin around the parking lot to get familiarized with the bikes, and then we were off on the trails. Once we got to the first overlook they took a group photo of all of us together (one of my most cherished photos from my wedding day!) and we split up into two groups - one group of beginner level riders and a second group of more intermediate level riders.

My husband and I each went with a different group but we had the same overall experience. Both guides did a great job of pacing the group along the trail, giving appropriate instructions at the beginning of each section of obstacles, and imbuing all the riders (no matter how inexperienced) with such a feeling of stoke and confidence that every single person pushed their limits and tried things they never envisioned themselves doing on a mountain bike. I'm still getting feedback from our guests on what an amazing time they had.

Thank you, Rim Tours (and especially Brooks and Julie) for helping to make our wedding weekend such an amazing success. The group mountain bike ride was one of my favorite memories from that weekend!

Visited October 2016
Level Contributor
3 reviews
5 stars TAReviewed December 17, 2016

We loved our tour of The Maze with Rim Tours. The guides were terrific as leaders, bike mechanics, phenomenal cooks, and positive demeanors as they lead us through this special corner of the world. We heartily recommend Rim Tours for any cycling adventure!

Visited October 2016
5 stars TAReviewed November 17, 2016

First a big thank you to owner Matt for his flexibility on scheduling an awesome mountain bike ride: Dead Horse Canyon. My guide Brook asked the right questions to assess my skills and my objectives for the ride. I have lots of Mtn bike experience but not an adrenaline junk if you know what I mean. So, we rode Dead Horse canyon trail system and Brook took me on trails with just enough challenge to be fun. Brook also offered awesome riding tips that were very helpful and just plan fun to chat with. Rim Tour is great for all levels up to the Epic Enchiladas! All in all Rim Tour is a class experience! Tom

Visited November 2016
5 stars TAReviewed November 17, 2016

My 16 year old son and I did two separate one day tours with Rim Tours - Dead Horse Point and Navajo Rocks. We had a different guide each day, Melissa for day one and Brian for day two. Both were excellent. Not only were they interested in making sure we got the most enjoyment in the ride for our capabilities, they were both extremely knowledgeable about local history, geology, pop culture, biology, and more. It was amazing to ride with them. The rides themselves were incredible, but Rim Tours made sure we had a blast. And the lunch that each guide prepared was over-the-top good!

Visited November 2016
5 stars TAReviewed November 8, 2016

I’ve been riding for years in the mountains of western NC, thankful for and feeling more than a little spoiled by the glorious conditions we have here. So looking to challenge my skills, I decided to treat myself to a week’s getaway to Moab, what I’ve always felt was a kind of mecca for mountain biking. At first I thought I’d just rent a bike and find some trails to ride on my own, though I quickly realized there’d be a much better way to do this. I had an awesome experience booking full-day rides with Rim Tours. I did three separate consecutive full day rides in different parts of Moab - North Klondike, Navajo Rocks and Dead Horse Point. Having never been out to Moab before, I had no idea of where to go or what to expect. But after talking with staff there about my skill level and what I wanted, they suggested rides that turned out to perfectly fit the bill for me. I especially need to call out Marla, who was my guide for the first and third days. She displayed a consistent sensitivity to the experience we were having and always maintained a delightful, fun-loving spirit. They were always punctual and very well organized, fully prepared for the day’s rides. The rental bikes they supplied were current-year models and very well maintained. By the end of my three days, I was blissfully spent physically, but feeling like I got pretty much the maximum that I could have hoped for from my MTB excursion to Moab. Rim Tours Rocks!

Visited October 2016
5 stars TAReviewed November 6, 2016

An unforgettable trip! Booking was straightforward and I was not disappointed with a full day riding the terrain in the spectacular scenery just north of Canyonlands National Park. Bikes in top condition, terrain challenging and varied from slick rock, scrub and soft-sand, the majority single trail. Great lunch provided, and Jenna was fantastic as guide and leader. Certainly different to riding in the UK, and the definition of 'Intermediate' tested me, but a massive sense of achievement at the end of the day. I would definitely go with Rim Tours again, and would strongly recommend to my friends.

Visited October 2016
5 stars TAReviewed November 5, 2016

Outstanding day with Julie guiding my wife and I on some beautiful and challenging trails. Perfect terrain for us through some breathtaking scenery. Bikes were in top condition, included lunch was great. Matt went out of his way to accommodate our last minute request. Julie did a great job coaching my roadie wife to a new level of confidence on her mtn bike. Can't say enough good things about our day with Rim Tours. We will be back.

Visited October 2016
5 of 5 bubbles5 stars TAReviewed November 1, 2016

Wonderful trip and terrific Rim Tours people! Challenging biking, spectacular scenery, and professional, efficient, and knowledgable people at Rim Tours.

White Rim with Rim Tours

5 stars TAReviewed November 1, 2016

We took the 4 day White Rim trail bike ride in November 2016.
Booking of the trip was so simple but at the same time so informative. We received all the information about the trip including, trip itinerary, map and information about the rental equipment. Everything was done with such a professionalism that it will leave you fully satisfied. The importance for us was that we had a live person to talk to and answer the thousands of questions we had. After all we come from NYC 
The beginning of the trip started with a breakfast at Rim Tours office. After introduction to the equipment, the guides and the rest of the group we headed out to the canyons. A short ½ hour bus ride brought us to the starting destination. At this point technically the trip was on…
For four days we rode our bikes up and down scenic places. It took the nature millions of years to build them and only four days of bike ride to admire them (not enough ). If you love photography, this is the dream place to be. I can go on and on for the beauty of this place, although you have to see it to believe it.
The two guides, Mike and Dave were constantly with us. One riding with the group and other driving the truck being the group. The truck had all of our belongings including endless supplies of energy food and fresh water.
During the trip we would made quick stops from time to time and learn about the history, flora and fauna of this amazing place. I was impressed with the guides knowledge and of course out of curiosity I asked tons of questions; for my surprise Mike and Dave always had the answers.
Every day we had a gourmet meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared using fresh ingredients by Mike and Dave.
If you are looking for a biking trip in Moab, Utah, look no further. Definitely Rim Tours is the company to use.
We are coming back! This was not the end of our journey, this was the beginning of something new.
Thank you Rim Tours for the best trip ever!!!

Visited November 2016

4 Day White Rim tour

5 stars TAReviewed November 1, 2016

Excellent time on the White Rim Trail with Rim Tours. Everything was exceptional from the customer service from the office staff to the guides and the rental bike. The food on the trip exceeded all expectations .

I was one of the weaker riders on the trip but never felt out of place. The guides were very helpful and most encouraging.

Thanks for a great ride.

Visited October 2016

Great All Around

5 of 5 bubbles5 stars TAReviewed November 1, 2016

We did a 14 mile tour with Marla. The views were fantastic and the ride was great! Marla was a pleasure and Rim Tours made the booking easy. Very fun!

What a great way to celebrate turning 50!

5 of 5 bubbles5 stars TAReviewed October 30, 2016

Actually took two half day rides on back-to-back days and both guides did an outstanding job adjusting to the various skill levels within the groups and everyone had a great time.

White Rim Trail in four (4) days

5 stars TAReviewed October 30, 2016

Our family (mom, dad, and adult daughter) recently did a four day mountain bike trip on the White Rim Trail (Canyonlands National Park) with Rim Tours of Moab, UT.

This trip was an experience of a lifetime to say the least. The Rim Tour guides, Beth and Buck, took EXCELLENT care of us with wonderful meals, knowledgeable information about the geology and history of the Park, support as needed while riding, and un-bottled energy throughout the day and into the night.

It is my opinion that the perfect way to see the beauty of Canyonlands National Park was from a mountain bike on the White Rim Trail during the day and then camping for the night to watch a desert sunset after a four star meal cooked by the two guides. While this would be hard to beat, the next morning's sunrise, while enjoying premium coffee (fresh roasted by Rim Tours), made it debatable as to which part of the day was best.

If this trip is not on your "bucket list" it needs to be added. If already on your list, book with Rim Tours and get it done !

Visited October 2016

Should be on Everyone's Bucket List

5 stars TAReviewed October 29, 2016

Recently completed the Rim Tour, 3-Day White Rim Trip. This is a three-day mountain biking trip around through Canyonlands National Park. Could not selected a better tour company, or guides for the three days. Immediately after registering for the trip, information is provided outlining everything you may need to know, right down to a potential packing list based on the season.

Our two guides for the trip were Buck and Kirstin, could not have asked for a hardworking, more knowledgeable guides. Buck rode with us on the first leg of the trip, taking time to explain the geological features along the way, but really allowing us to ride and just enjoy the great weather and the incredible sights. He would regather everyone for lunch, where a great spread of sandwiches, salad and cold drinks were put out for the thirteen members of our group. Each mean was better than the last, the first night at dinner, our guides set out some chairs, offer some cold drinks and set out some appetizers as the sun was setting. All of this while he grill starts to heat up and dinner is being prepared. The meals were great, fish and steak during a camping trip, fantastic!

The ride was challenging due to its length, not necessarily the most technical which was fine by me as a person relatively new to mountain biking. We covered between 26-30 miles per day based on my GSP readings, but for the most part the views were so incredible I never really even noticed, just sat back and enjoyed the ride. Different members of the group set different paces and at times we were all together at others, I was alone riding through a landscape untouched by human existence, aside from the dirt road that we rode on.

Our guides worked from sun up to sun down each day. From hot coffee in the morning, to desert each evening, Rim Tours is a great tour operator. The amount of time spent just making sure that everyone was comfortable and feeling good for the day was great. The side trips that Kirstin took us on to visit the Black Gap, older ruins or some great landscape features offered nice breaks throughout the day.

Great job Rim Tours, looking forward to my next adventure with you.

Visited October 2016

Don't look any further.

5 stars TAReviewed October 28, 2016

This is the tour group you want to go with. Everything from pre trip planning to special meal needs was answered well before our trip. We had high expectations before the trip, but they were well exceeded. The food was excellent, the guides were fantastic. They helped us with our bikes, and gave us details of what to expect on the trail each day.

Visited September 2016

Rim Tours 4 day mountain bike ride on White Rim trail

5 stars TAReviewed October 28, 2016

I just returned from this trip with Rim Tours--a mid-October ride on the White Rim trail. The trip was awesome! I went with Rim Tours on a mountain bike trip through the Maze District 2 years ago and knew I would return for another trip with them. Both trips were fabulous. Rim Tours is exceptionally organized and professional. I had 4 different guides and all were amazing. They were extremely kind, encouraging, knowledgeable and fun!. I did the White Rim 15+ years ago with friends without guides. I loved that trip too, but the way the guides were informed about geology, history and geography added immensely to my experience. The food was also fabulous--all fresh. It seems they thought of everything--from hot towels after the ride to lubing our chains to providing a place to shower after the trip before a long drive home. It was also great fun to meet new people to ride, eat, camp and laugh with. I highly recommend Rim Tours--both the White Rim and the Maze.

Visited October 2016

An Amazing Day

5 of 5 bubbles5 stars TAReviewed October 26, 2016

What a great day of mountain biking in Moab! Julie, our guide, was terrific in all aspects of the day, from giving us local information on the trail's flora and fauna (including dinosaur tracks), catering the ride to meet the needs of the group, plus giving tips to improve our riding. All in all, it was a terrific day.

Awesome time on the trails!

5 stars TAReviewed October 23, 2016

Had a really great 3 day trip. Our guide Sam was absolutely awesome. Picked us up each day at 9, came with bikes, and took us to fantastic trails. As he learned our ability, he took us to better and better terrain. We got our share of challenge and adrenaline rush, but were also never in danger or beyond our limits. Highly recommend!

Visited October 2016

Look no further for an outfitter that will surpass your expectations!

5 stars TAReviewed October 21, 2016

So this was a trip of a lifetime, besides the beautiful scenery of Canyonlands, we had excellent equipment, rental bikes and guides. The food was amazing , the guides were sincere and beyond helpful. Ask them for anything at all, they will be there for you. Campspots were really sweet, oh and everyday at the end of the ride, the guides brought steaming hot towels to each tent for washing up! Yea the dirt gets caked on after biking on the sandy trails all day, and you are sleeping in a tent at night, but beyond that, this is the most luxurious CAMPING I've ever experienced. Bravo RIM TOURS!!!

Visited September 2016

Great ride!!

5 stars TAReviewed October 19, 2016

I signed up for the 1/2 day trip to Dead Horse Point - it was just like the video! A great moderate trail. Kirstin was an awesome guide showing us tips and giving little skill clinics. It was fun to see our group gain confidence as the day moved on. I would recommend upgrading to the Heckler bike. 2 of us had the standard rentals and we were chasing the group the whole time. Everyone that had a Heckler wanted to take it home. Would love to return and book more rides with these guys. Great experience!

Visited October 2016

Six days of fun

5 stars TAReviewed October 18, 2016

I can't recommend Rim Tours highly enough. They are fantastic!

I was in Moab, Utah for a six-day period that included Columbus Day, and I went on six separate mountain-bike tours led by Rim Tours. 4 were private tours, and 2 were group tours. The tours covered the Brand Trails, Klondike (twice), Dead Horse Point, Mag 7, and Navaho Rocks. I had Michael, Bill, and Brian as guides, and they were all fantastic. They were very good at ensuring that ride difficulty matched the skill set of the participants. Rides were always challenging and exciting while keeping risks to a minimum. The guides were also very good at giving context about the geology, biology, and history of the area. The guides were all very respectful of the delicate ecosystems there and gave helpful guidance about how not to "hurt the dirt." Finally, the guides were just friendly people and were fun to talk to.

The bikes were also great. Rim Tours seems to carry Santa Cruz bikes exclusively - it's a very high-quality bike. You can also upgrade to carbon-fiber frames! The bikes were very well maintained and were able to provide me with "spd" pedals for my clipless shoes (shoes that cleat into the pedals).

Visited October 2016

Great Tour, Great Customer Service

5 stars TAReviewed October 16, 2016

There are 2 key reasons for my 5 Star review.
1. The four day 100 mile white rim bike tour was simply outstanding. Mike and Beth (our guides) ensured that everyone in our group was well fed and energized and both were very informative about the history of Canyon Lands. There was a good balance of biking and hiking, and the views were breath taking. I plan to go back with my son in the future so he can enjoy the same experience.
2. While we were on the trail, our rental car was damaged in the RIM Tour parking lot. Upon our arrival back form the tour, I was informed of the incident immediately. An accident report was already filled out, RIM had called the insurance company and they went out of their way to make sure I understood they were going to take care of everything. Sure enough things worked out seamlessly with the car rental, and RIM Tours took care of everything. A situation that could have easily ruined my vacation, turned out to be a non-issue due to the great customer service provided by RIM.

Visited September 2016

Really good fun

5 stars TAReviewed October 15, 2016

We did a 2 day private bike tour with Rim Tours. They looked after us really well. Easy booking service, pick up on time, nice lunch etc.

Our guide was Brian - who was great fun, provided great information about local Moab history and geology and picked some rides that were well suited to our entire party.

Bikes were also very good. We had not done a great deal of mountain biking prior to our visit - but we certainly have the bug now.

Thanks Brian for making our tour so much fun.

Visited October 2016

Private Tour Experience

5 stars TAReviewed October 12, 2016

Used Rim Tours for a four day private tour of the best of Moab and rented our bikes through them too. Michael and Brian great tour guides that added a little flavor to the experience, enjoyed their insight on trails and history. The mechanic was great worked and made adjustments to bikes between rides, super friendly too. Food choices were really good most food is made in-house but when they bring the "love muffin" sandwiches it raised the game. Looking back, I think we would of done fine guiding ourselves for mag 7 and Navajo trails on our own, but having the guys for captain ahab and WOE was well worth it!!!!! If we head back to Moab I would use them again and would highly recommend them to anyone.

Visited October 2016

Great Introduction to Mountain Biking

5 stars TAReviewed October 7, 2016

My wife and I took a tour with Rim Tours to explore mountain biking in Moab. We had a blast! Marla is a wonderful guide. She is very knowledgeable and very encouraging and patient. All of the riders in our group were in the novice/trying to get to intermediate level. The main thing is that we all had a good time together. Everyone looked out for one another and supported one another. Rim Tours has more advanced mountain biking expeditions available, but I cannot speak to that. This was only our second time out on a mountain bike and we were in need of some instruction. I would recommend this company. They run a very nice operation!

Visited September 2016

Whole Enchilada Ride and Klondike

5 of 5 bubbles5 stars TAReviewed October 6, 2016

Had a great guide, Sam. Well organized, payed attention to what we needed but let us ride to our limits. Good fun.

Mtn bike tour

5 of 5 bubbles5 stars TAReviewed October 6, 2016

Rim did a great job understanding and meeting the needs of our group. I will recommend Rim Tours to anyone wanting to have a great mtn bike tour experience in Moab!

Full day private tour

5 stars TAReviewed October 5, 2016

Great. Guide could ride, good vibe. Knowledgeable and flexible. Equipment was fine for a day ride. Nothing super but the price reflects that and they did offer me an upgrade. They could use those books they show you at the Hertz counter to offer a better car but a bike. But it was a perfectly good bike nonetheless. .Super chill.. But now I got the bug to do more of it and I'm 2500 +/- miles away.

Visited October 2016

A Plus

5 stars TAReviewed October 5, 2016

I had a great time. Brian Lugers was an excellent guide. I did a whole day private ride. It was a good mix of challenging technical and a good work out. The bike was top shelf and in perfect shape, including drop post.
It was nice for Brian to arrange the cooling thunder storm and 1" of rain at the end of the ride.
Moab was on my bucket list and now with Rim it is on my redo list.
Thanks for the memories. I still hate thin loose deep sand however not as much of it as the Sonora.

Visited September 2016

Great time, wonderful guide

5 stars TAReviewed October 4, 2016

My wife and I were in Moab for a couple of days during an 8 day trip to visit the National Parks in Southern Utah and spent most of our time hiking but made time for a half day mountain biking trip to Dead Horse Point State Park as a change of pace. The trip was highly enjoyable and was geared toward the skill level of the people in our tour group. The guide assigned to our trip was so helpful getting everyone comfortable with riding a mountain bike and also offering bits of information on the area and highlighting things to see that we would have missed if not for her. I would totally recommend this for anyone interested in getting out on a mountain bike in the Moab area.

Visited September 2016

4 Day Mt. Biking tour of the White Rim Trail

5 stars TAReviewed September 29, 2016

Just got off the trail after 4 incredible days of mountain biking in the most beautiful, awe inspiring place I have ever seen. Although I'm a novice mountain biker, as a fitness and road riding fanatic, I thought I'd have an easy time. NOT. The trail was extroadornarily challenging, and tested my strength and endurance. I loved it! The guides, Beth and Mike are special people. Beth, a professional mountain bike racer, gave me many pointers on technique that improved my experience and ability immensely. Mike, who (and forgive me for saying this Mike) looks like an old hippie, is in reality,, a 68 year old energizer bunny. He can ride up, come back down, and back up huge mountain passes, that most of us, could not even get close to completing. After a day of really tough, exhausting riding, when the group was passing out, Beth and Mike wouldn't rest for a second. They would prepare gourmet dinners and fantastic desserts. They set up portable washing areas to get the road off of us and even handed out hot wash clothes (a great indulgence). Both guides were incredibly knowledgable about the desert, the original inhabitants and geology. They led us on, among a few excursions, into a slot canyon and taught us how to navigate what first appeared as non- passable areas.
This trip inspired me to become a capable mountain biker and left me with wonderful memories.

Visited September 2016

Great mountain biking

5 of 5 bubbles5 stars TAReviewed September 29, 2016

Had a great ride with Brooks today. He and I were well matched in age and ability (i.e. He is not a young hotshot out to set records). He explained the capabilities of the bike and showed me a lot of techniques. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride.

Great ride

5 of 5 bubbles5 stars TAReviewed September 26, 2016

Had a great ride at Dead Horse State Park. Our gude was Melissa who was knowledgable about both the area and mountain biking technique. Quality bikes, guide and ride!

Awesome day!

5 of 5 bubbles5 stars TAReviewed September 23, 2016

We did the half day mountain bike tour at Dead Horse State Park and had a fantastic time! Highly recommend. Julie, our guide was awesome. The views were spectacular and the bikes were amazing. Highly recommend

Best ride ever!

5 of 5 bubbles5 stars TAReviewed September 22, 2016

Had a great ride in Moab brands, I'm a begginner but felt like a pro after the great instructor guidance.

5 of 5 bubbles5 stars TAReviewed September 21, 2016

I had a quick trip to Moab. This half day Mt Bike tour was great. Awesome views from Dead Horse Point and of Canyonlands National Park!

Great Intro to Mountain Biking @ Klondike Bluffs

5 stars TAReviewed September 11, 2016

Had a great private half day tour with Dave on Labor Day weekend. He was very knowledgeable about Moab and the area, and of course he was a great biking guide as well. The bikes were fantastic and the whole experience was very positive.

We were concerned that he would take us on some flat trail for little kids since we had never mountain biked before, so we said we wanted to go to Navajo Rocks. He very politely talked us down into doing Klondike Bluffs which was a much better fit as we could handle most, but not all, of that trail. It happened to be the most strenuous cardio we did during that whole week of hiking in Utah. I guess nothing in the area is TOO easy for our skill level.

Visited September 2016

Perfect days riding, amazing trails and epic views
5 stars TAReviewed September 10, 2016

Bumped into Corie on her day off on the shuttle uplift to The Whole Enchilada, she was happy for me to ride the trail with her, i had the best days riding, even on her "day off" you could still tell how well she knows the trail and the area, describing in some detail the geology of what is truly stunning scenery. We nailed the trail at warp speed, only stopping when i punctured when she was more than happy to help, another guide, Dave also helped a hand - cant say enough good things about the 2 of them and the biking, truly awesome!

Visited September 2016
Biking fun

5 of 5 bubbles5 stars TAReviewed September 9, 2016

never mountain biked before and the guides both days were awesome. Beginner the first day and intermediate day 2. The wife and I had a blast and would use Rim Tours again in a heartbeat!

5 of 5 bubbles5 stars TAReviewed September 8, 2016

We had such a great time! Our guide, Marla, was perfect and provided expert instruction and encouragement to us. Even though we are "advanced beginners", Marla made us feel like pros. I will definitely call on Marla again next time we are in Moab!

5 of 5 stars5 stars TAReviewed September 3, 2016

Dave was super friendly, very easy going and accommodating. We were a family of 7 and 9 year old and first time mountain biking. Dave was so patient with us, made frequent stops, constantly checked on the kids and even made adjustments to the trail judging for our ability. He taught us tons of cool tricks and technical skills to help us navigate through the trail and even pushed us to try out some of them on slick rocks and other parts of the trail. Would highly recommend Rim tours and both Bill and Dave!

Visited September 2016
5 of 5 stars5 stars TAReviewed September 2, 2016

We chose this tour because of varying skill levels in our family. Our guide, Mike, did and excellent job of getting everyone in the group a great experience - a little bit of single track and slickrock for those that wanted it, and a safe, enjoyable route for those that needed it.

Visited August 2016
5 of 5 stars5 stars TAReviewed September 2, 2016

We thought our guides were very good and adapted themselves very well to our mixed abilities. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for some guided mountain-biking.

Visited August 2016
MTB Tour
5 stars TA5 of 5 starsReviewed September 1, 2016

Great guided MTB Tour in Moab. Excellent Trails and equipment and very knowledgable guided. Thxs for this Great experience on the Navajo Rock Trails. Manfred & Ute

Visited August 2016
5 stars TAReviewed August 29, 2016

First time on mountain bikes - we booked the intro ride our first day out - the Courthouse Loop ride - and were fortunate enough to be the only ones in the 'group'. Our guide, Cullen, was outstanding - he walked us through everything we would encounter on our ride, and provided instruction every step of the way. Along the way, in addition to learning the basics, we saw some amazing scenery and had a lot of fun with Cullen. My husband is an experienced road cyclist, and I know how to ride a bike. Both of us had a great day with Cullen - and we even booked a ride for the next day - which was way more challenging, and definitely a huge step up from the intro ride! We did the Dead Horse Point ride the second day - and the vistas were unbelievable!!! The ride was definitely more challenging, and I got off my bike a few times (at the place our guide took a nasty spill was one of them....), but for my 2nd time on a mountain bike, it was a great day. I'm hooked - off to Deer Valley to try some downhill riding! I highly recommend Rim Tours!! PS we even purchased a couple of their bikes....

Visited August 2016
Moab Mtn. Biking
5 stars TAReviewed August 24, 2016

Bike tour was great. Guide (Marla) was knowledgable of the trails (and in much better shape than me). High quality bike. I recommend clip less pedals when riding the trails. I recommend Rim Tours.

Visited August 2016
5 stars TAReviewed August 24, 2016

My son and I did a guided Mountain Bike ride up Klondike Bluffs with Rim Tours. Everything about the ride was fantastic, especially our fantastic guide Dave. I'd highly recommend Rim Tours for a Moab mountain bike tour!

Visited August 2016
5 stars TAReviewed August 17, 2016

First, we reserved this tour through Moab Adventures but it was really Rim Tours. Excellent equipment. I will put out the caveat that this is sort of a tough sport to pick up. Even beginner trails have their moments.

My wife and I cycle a good bit so we had no problems. Our kids sort of struggled-a lot. There was a 6:1 ratio of riders to guide. This is a solid intro to the sport and they do a fine job working with you on tough turns. My wife and I will definitely do it again.

My caveats: strong familiarity with bikes, 13 or above no fear of heights.

Visited August 2016

5 of 5 starsAmazing Tour and Tour Guides

5 stars TA5 of 5 starsReviewed August 17, 2016

We are city slickers and the guides not only gave us an amazing tour but they were patient with our over ambitions cycling abilities. Couldn't wait for the tour to be over and then couldn't wait to get back out there again. Great experience for the kids (12 & 14).

5 of 5 stars5 stars TAReviewed August 9, 2016

Opted for a solo ride as an intermediate standard rider and the Navajo Rocks tour. Excellent communication from my guide, Brian, before collecting from my lodgings. Into canyonlands for the tour and a quick set up of the bike with my pedals before we were off on our 3 hour blast. Expected 12 miles but did 23.... No problems from me. Hard core great pace power through slick rock, cross country trail, 1000ft climb and more awesome. Highly recommended.


5 stars TAReviewed August 2, 2016

A guide took my husband and 2 sons on the ride of their lives. They loved it! !! I highly recommend this tour.

Visited April 2016
5 stars TAReviewed July 16, 2016

First, Sam and Michael were great. Knowledgeable about the area, the equipment and quickly understood the experience level of the riders on the tour and accommodated everyone accordingly. They had great servant spirits in how they set up and prepared breakfast which was amazing. I was told by the folks at the MAC that we would have breakfast on the tour but I expected honey buns and cold coffee. We had hot toasted bagels with salmon, veggies, fruit, spreads, yogurt, hot coffee and OJ.. oh and a box of chocolate donuts. Food was great and breakfast was in a beautiful setting and we were told all about what we were seeing and where things were. The ride was fun. Bikes were adjusted on the ride down as the guides saw that adjustments were needed. Guides were attentive to slower riders and let faster riders go and have fun. Several stops on the ride down to tell us of what we were seeing and about the history of native cultures that lived in the area in the past. Mostly downhill and index fingers got some work but there were several spots where we had to hump it to make it up hill. It gave me a little workout and was beautiful and fun. So glad I took this tour. I'm mostly a rode bike rider and have had limited off road experience. This was a great experience for me and the others on the trip. Thanks!! One hitch in the process was that I booked the tour at the MAC and they told me I would be picked up at the hotel but this information was not communicated to Rim Tours so there was a little delay in the start of the morning but Sam and Michael were gracious and handled the situation very professionally.


Visited July 2016
5 stars TAReviewed July 14, 2016

Our family had a great time on the Sunrise Downhill. I was impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of the guides. They were also very accomodating to our two daughters (9 and 11), who had a great time as well. We would love to return to Moab and try some of their different tours!

Visited June 2016
5 stars TAReviewed July 14, 2016

Top notch organization, here! Very fun and educational ride with Brooks at Dead Horse St Park: great instruction, cool dude, fun geology and local lore info.

Visited July 2016

5 of 5 stars5 stars TA5 of 5 starsReviewed July 3, 2016

My husband and I took our two kids (12-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son) out for their first mountain biking experience. We road out at the Courthouse Loop trail with Cullen. Matt booked the trip for us and made sure that the bikes were fitted just right for the kids - and us too. The ride was FANTASTIC - a great ride for beginners with just the right amount of double and single track... and some fun technical parts as well. Cullen was a fantastic guide and did a great job with the kids who were at different skill levels. We all had a really great time and would HIGHLY recommend Rim Tours and Cullen - though I imagine that all of the guides are great.

Visited July 2016

5 of 5 stars5 stars TA5 of 5 starsReviewed June 22, 2016

A friend and I joined Sam and Marla of Rim Tours for a mountain biking experience on Dead Horse Point Single Track at Dead Horse Point State Park. Our tour guides took 10 of us up to the state park by a van stacked with the awesome bikes on top. We started out early (7:10 am) as the heat was to climb to 109 that day. This was a half day tour. Marla and Sam were entertaining us during the 40 min ride. They started off with a tour of the point and the canyons which were breathtaking.

Sam gave us many pointers of what to do and not to do during mountain biking which helped a ton throughout the ride. We were all fitted with our awesome bikes which we were told were new and only been ridden a few times. We all had brought camelback water backpacks and were also given souvenir water bottles from Rim Tours, along with a snack.

I have no experience riding a mountain bike but am an avid road biker/runner and exercise enthusiast. Mountain biking kicked my bike that day. Marla gave me wonderful instruction that helped me get thru the ride. I was feeling so winded and suffered some heat exhaustion. Marla was encouraging to complete a task or understand if I just wanted to walk an obstacle. I never felt judged and in fact when any of us said we were sorry for not making an obstacle, Marla said never say your sorry.

Sam broke off with about 7 people in the group and three of us stayed with Marla. For a beginner I found the course challenging but doable. I think if I hadn't been affected by the heat and altitude I might have been able to do better. Mountain biking is physical and mentally challenging.

I would absolutely do it again and maybe have some private instruction. I most definitely would recommend Rim Tours and a special thank you to Sam and Marla for all their guidance during the ride. Truly a memorable experience in a beautiful part of this country.

Visited June 2016
5 of 5 stars5 stars TA Reviewed June 16, 2016
My 12-year-old son and I enjoyed our mountain bike tour with Michael. He was informative and caring and led us on trails that he felt we were ready for. We got to cover a variety of terrain and conditions. He even took us on SlickRock!

I'm glad I booked the "beginner package" with Moab Adventure Center. Michael took us to a location where we were able to advance to more difficult trails.

My son enjoyed filming his ride on his Go Pro and was thankful to be riding behind Michael so he could judge what was coming next.

Get the insurance! It's only a few dollars, and you never know!

Visited June 2016

5 of 5 stars5 stars TAReviewed June 2, 2016

I had a wonderful trip with Rim Tours--a 6 day mountain bike trip into the Maze District of Canyonlands. The food was great and the guides were wonderful. This was my second time mountain biking in the Maze, but my first time with Rim Tours. I am already thinking about the next trip I can take with them.

Visited May 2016
5 of 5 stars5 stars TAReviewed April 28, 2016

My husband and I booked a private half day mountain bike tour. It was perfect. Our guide was very professional and knowledgeable. He selected a circuit and a riding pace that was well suited to our ability. The quality of the bikes was fantastic and far exceeded my expectations for a rental. Having great bikes made riding very enjoyable. The whole experience was excellent. I highly recommend Rim Tours.

Visited April 2016
Great Tour/Tour Guide
5 stars TAReviewed April 12, 2016

Booked a 1day private MTB tour for 3 adults to ride Dead Horse Trail.
We got picked at the hotel by our tour guide Justin at exactly the schedule time (8:30am)

Justin is the best tour guide that money can buy. He asked us simple but important questions about our riding style, experience and preferences. He recommended trails to go based and what we told him and was very flexible and considerate. We follow his advise and got to ride some awesome trails. Justin seemed to always know the perfect time for a break. When we took breaks he would give us good riding tips told was to expect on the next part of the trail and even taught us a bunch of cool stuff about geology and Moab history. He really really took good care of all us and we enjoyed this trip a whole lot more than we expected.

The price for this private tour was in my opinion very fair and both Rim Tour and Justin made sure we got our more than our money's worth.

If your planing on MTB go to Rim Tours and ask for Justin.

Visited April 2016
Great Finish to our holiday!
5 stars TAReviewed March 28, 2016

Moab was definitely on our list of destinations this holiday because of the mountain biking. We decided to give these guys a call at 4pm looking for a full day ride for the next day. They were able to accommodate us no problem! We went out on two great rides that certainly met our expectations of biking in Moab. Our guide (Dave) was great and picked rides that were perfect for our riding ability! Just a little challenging but within our ability for sure! Great value for money. Will go to these guys again if we ever come back!

Visited March 2016

My girlfriend has never been mountain biking and here we were in the most epic mountain biking location in the country. We called Rim and asked for something easy but exciting and got exactly that. The guide Jason quickly assessed our skills and new the perfect trails for us to start off on. He offered tips and assistance to my girlfriend along the way and made her feel comfortable and safe on the trail. The bikes were new and in excellent shape. Overall enjoyable ride and I will definitely use RIM again when back in Moab.

Visited March 2016
5 of 5 stars5 stars TAReviewed March 15, 2016

I just finished 4 full days of riding with Sam and Dave (separately). The back office did a great job of setting up the first two days, and putting us on trails to see how we did. Sam and Dave then monitored our progress and adapted our rides to suit our abilities and desires. We rode Dead Horse, Klondike Bluffs, Navajo Rocks, and Magnificent Seven. Legs are achey now, but that's our fault.

Bikes were great, prompt pickups, helpful technique pointers, plenty of snacks and supplies - all-around first class job. Thanks for a great time!

Visited March 2016

We rode on two different full day bike tours with Rim Tours, both excellent. First tour was with Jenna at Dead Horse, and she is an amazing, patient, helpful guide. Just follow her line, and you'll be fine. We went over and down big rocks, but, the bikes are incredible and you can do it. Views from various vistas was amazing. Next day, we rode with guide Dave, also wonderful, who taught us even more about how to ride single track. Cannot recall the name of the trail(s), but we went up slickrock, and saw dinosaur tracks, possibly a velociraptor or baby Tyrannosaurus Rex.

We also hiked up to a vista with more fantastic views. Dave also adjusted the ride so that my husband could go off on a much harder trail, then meet up with us at a junction. And, Dave adjusted it so that I could go on an easier trail back. Again, follow the guide's line, and you can go over and down difficult looking obstacles and surprise yourself. It was a lot of fun and exhausting, but we took breaks. Both guides had delicious sandwiches for lunch, as well as snacks and extra water. Remember to bring your own camelback hydrator, too.

Visited October 2015
50th Birthday Celebration
5 stars TAReviewed October 25, 2015

Fantastic group. We had two great guides for our rides. Super nice, patient and they taught us a bunch. Humbling---I thought I was in good shape. We rented our own bikes which worked out great. They refunded us our $$ when we got rained out on our first day. Very nice of them. Again, this is a wonderful group. Our guides were Marla (a tiny, little powerhouse---super charming and she put us to shame) and Greg (mellow, patient, amazing rider).
Visited October 2015

North Rim bike tour
5 stars TAReviewed October 21, 2015 via mobile

Rim Tours is a fantastic operator. From start to finish, the staff in the front office and out in the field, are helpful, professional and personable. The bikes provided were excellent, the food was fantastic, and all the logistics went smoothly. After two trips with Rim ToursI am confident there will be more.
Visited September 2015

5 stars TAReviewed October 19, 2015 via mobile
Sam was our guide and did a great job. He was aware of the different level of bikers and made sure we were all comfortable and safe. I found this tour to be moderate difficulty. There were some technical areas where I got off and walked my bike. Overall it was challenging but not scarey.
Visited October 2015
5 stars TAReviewed October 19, 2015
Justin Kendhammer was our guide (my son and me) for 3 amazing days. Justin is top level super experianced proffesional guide. The whole experiance was 1st class logistics, planing, atmosphere, our deep appreciation to Justin and Rim Tours  we will definetly come back
Visited October 2015
5 stars TAReviewed October 13, 2015
Dave took great care of us - selected trails and kept a pace that was perfect for our age and experience. We had a great day at Dead Horse Point and finished exhilarated rather than exhausted.
Visited October 2015
5 stars TAReviewed October 12, 2015
Our group of 6 joined 5 others for a great Rim Tours adventure. We cycled the Kokopelli Trail and had a great time. The guides were awesome !! We had a big variation of ability and the tour was long and trail was difficult.The guides made it fun for all. They were patient and gave good briefings and instruction. Beth, Reed and Dave worked so hard to make sure everyone had a good time. I would recommend Rim Tours to anyone. Rim Tours Rocks
Visited October 2015
5 stars TAReviewed October 12, 2015 via mobile
This is my first time in Moab and the start of my epic cycling trip! I chose this famous trail to start my Moab adventure because of the unique terrain that cannot find anywhere else in the world! Greg was our guide for the day. The weather is quite hot in August but I'm from Thailand so that's not much of a problem. Greg was very attentive and cheerful. I was very happy with the tour. I will definitely come back again!


Visited August 2015
5 stars TAReviewed October 4, 2015 via mobile
We (2 adults in their 40's and a boy of 10) are flatlanders so Moab was a huge change from our family rides. This was our first time visiting and our experience level was beginner to touching on intermediate. RIM helped us with pre-planning all the way through skill building and support.
They were well prepared for the unseasonably hot weather (low to mid 90's). I would suggest 1/2 day tours when it's that hot, but everyone was expecting cooler temps when we booked full day tours.
Each of our guides (Justin, Carl, Sam, Brian, and Michael) brought a fun and relaxing atmosphere along with engaging skills and knowledge to the four days of tours we did.
By the end of our week of riding we all gained immense confidence in our abilities.
We found that the Brands Trails were the most fun with lots of variety for different skill levels and a great place to start if you've never been to Moab. It also will give your guide an idea of your skills so they can customize your experience! The Dead Horse Canyon tour was the most challenging one but was an excellent skill builder! Klondike Bluffs is a surreal desolate area and the sunrise breakfast your was a delicious feast followed by fantastic views in a (mostly) downhill adventure.
We are addicted and will be back! Thanks RIM for making our experience a very memorable one.
Visited September 2015