Travel Insurance

Please consider purchasing Travel Insurance for emergency medical and evacuation coverage and for protection against trip cancellation.

Medical Coverage

We recognize that not everyone has medical insurance. Choosing to take a mountain biking vacation involves some amount of risk. Everyone who takes up the sport of mountain biking will fall at some point. You never know when a simple fall may result in a broken bone or a bad case of road rash.  Injuries may prevent you from continuing your trip and necessitate a visit to the emergency room.  This can get expensive, especially if you are injured in the back country where evacuation costs can escalate quickly!  We recommend purchasing Travel Insurance even if you already have medical insurance since some expenses may not be included or are not fully covered by your policy.

Trip Cancellation

Rim Tours has a cancellation policy that we must abide by to protect our ability to continue offering trips, and to protect your tour in case others cancel.  Unfortunately cancellations do happen, sometimes within the period of time where we can’t offer a refund.  In many of these instances, Trip Cancellation Insurance covers forfeited, non-refundable deposits or payments up to the limits purchased.  Please consider protecting your investment!  We often see last minute cancellations due to illness or injury of the participant or a family member and all of this would be covered by trip insurance.

Travel GuardUpon booking a tour, we recommend you purchase some form of travel insurance. For information about the plans available through Travel Guard, please call them at 800-826-1300 or visit their website at