Whole Enchilada | Hazzard Down

Renowned epic ride: rugged mountain, flowy technical, unforgiving drops

This world renowned epic ride has it all – rugged & remote mountain terrain, flowy to technical singletrack and unforgiving rock drops on the Porcupine Rim section. The Whole Enchilada (typically July – September) starts at 10,600 ft, climbs to 11,200 ft. and drops to 4,000 ft. at the Colorado River. Essentially the Whole Enchilada combines several sections of trail. Burro Pass, down to Hazzard, then on to Kokopelli followed by Porcupine Rim. Hazzard County begins part way down the trail and opens up earlier in the season so there are options long before the snow clears up high. Our guides will show you the lines and ensure your experience is the best it can be even if it means cutting out portions of the journey. This ride will test your skills and your stamina as there is over 2,000 ft of climbing in this “downhill” ride. Extra shuttle charges will apply.

Rider descends Burro Pass toward Warner Lake at the beginning of The Whole Enchilada near Moab, UT

The Whole Enchilada from Cody Ard on Vimeo.

Day Tour Overview

Whole Enchilada | Hazzard Down

  • Duration:
  • Skill Level: , ,
  • Standard Price:

    1: $189 pp (solo only) 2-3: $139 pp 4-8: $129 pp 9-13: $119 pp 14-24: $119 pp 25+: inquire

  • Private Tour Price:

    1: $220 pp 2-3: $165 pp 4-8: $145 pp 9-13: $130 pp 14-24: $120 pp 25+: inquire Price includes bike. Subtract $20 own bike. Price does not include tax or guide gratuity. Overall Pricing Structure Bike Rentals Deposit / Cancellation policy

  • Shuttle Fee:
    • Whole Enchilada $30
    • Hazard Down $30
    • Solo tour could be $50, depending on availability
  • Departs: Standard full-day tours depart in the morning — time varies seasonally, and will also depend on shuttle time.
  • Distance: 27 miles / 20 miles
  • Special Notes:
    • The Whole Enchilada tour is typically a late summer July – early September option. Depending on the time of year will depend on how high we can shuttle.
    • In the earlier and later margins of the season, it can be run starting at the lower Hazard County starting point, which eliminates the Burro Pass section altogether.
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  • Fair and 39 F at Moab, Canyonlands Field, UT
    Winds are West at 16.1 MPH (14 KT). The pressure is 1019.4 mb and the humidity is 62%. The wind chill is 30. Last Updated on Jan 18 2019, 1:53 pm MST.

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