The Maze 6-Day

Like nothing else... where outlaws escaped into wildly remote and inaccessible canyons

Simply stated, the Maze is like nothing else. Legends of the old west tell stories of outlaws escaping into its wildly remote and inaccessible canyons. Our ride begins atop the Orange Cliffs with distant views of snow-capped mountains and a glimpse of the rugged terrain we’ll soon encounter.

Our two-night stay at the Maze Overlook will convince you there is not a more beautiful spot anywhere. The riding is as fun as anything you might find on Moab’s classic trails. Both tours provide a full day of hiking through the heart of the Maze and past the Chocolate Drops formation. The six day tour allows time for a hike to the Great Gallery, a world-renowned example of ancient “Barrier Canyon” rock art.

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The Maze 5-Day

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The Maze 6-Day

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    6-Day: $1,320
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    March 31 April 5, 2019
    April 21-26, 2019
    May 22-27, 2019
    September 24-29, 2019
    October 6-11, 2019
    October 15-20-2019

    A 5-Day version of this tour is also available

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  • Departs: Green River, UT
  • Distance: 125
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  • Fair and 18 F at Hanksville, UT
    Winds are Calm. The humidity is 68%. Last Updated on Nov 21 2018, 5:55 am MST.

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