Instructional Tour

Moab has unique terrain and our professional guides can help you learn and improve your skills

Moab is a great place to improve your riding and experience our other-worldly landscape. Learn how best to tackle our unique terrain from the experts. No matter what your ability, Rim Tours’ guide staff will help refine what you already know and teach you the how-to’s for the ride you are on, from basic mountain bike riding skills to more advanced drop-offs, switchbacks and other techniques appropriate for your experience level. We will pick the best trails where we can work specifically on skills for your level and have an awesome ride as we practice.

Rim Tours’ Instructional Tours are predominantly trail rides where we spend initial time working on basics and then focus on skill building opportunities along the route, stopping to learn and practice as we continue on the trail.

If you are more interested in a more in-depth skills clinic where the majority of your time will be spent on mastering techniques and less time on the actual ride, we recommend contacting our friends at Moab Mountain Bike Instruction for instruction by the hour, day or weekend.


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Instructional Tour

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  • Private Tour Price:
    Half Day      Full Day     
    1 $200 pp   1 $250 pp  
    2-3 $150 pp   2-3 $195 pp  
    4-8 $140 pp   4-8 $185 pp  
    9-13 $130 pp   9-13 $175 pp  
    14-24 $120 pp   14-24 $165 pp  
    25+ inquire   25+ inquire  

    Price includes bike. Subtract $25 own bike.
    Price does not include tax or guide gratuity.

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  • Departs: Standard half and full-day tours depart in the morning — time varies seasonally
  • Distance: Variable
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  • Fair and 31 F at Moab, Canyonlands Field, UT
    Winds are Southeast at 8.1 MPH (7 KT). The pressure is 1042.0 mb and the humidity is 47%. The wind chill is 24. Last Updated on Jan 28 2022, 10:53 am MST.

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