Private Guided Bike Tour with Photographer

Professional photographer join you and your guide to capture your ride

A private bike tour with a photographer is a way for you to relax into your ride, keep your hand on the bars and eyes on your line. Why? You might ask…

• Because you are biking for a few days with Rim Tours – and you want to celebrate your last day by getting some pro shots you can hang on your wall, and share with your family, friends, and co-workers. 

• Because you are celebrating something:  An anniversary, a birthday, a life milestone. It’s your first time in Moab. It’s your special Moab mountain bike trip. A sunset photoshoot on your bike ride is the cherry on top that you can keep forever… 

• Because this is your first time to Moab And your eyes are wide. Because it’s your forty-sixth time to Moab, you know the magic and finally want that view on your wall. 
• Because it’s your family vacation. Are you always reaching for your phone that is chronically at 12% and in some pocket somewhere? Are you the one always taking the pictures and never in them?  Relax. Your only job now is to ride with the kids. How bout for your next Christmas Card?

• Because you are a shredder who wants to share what you do on all your fun trips with your family or co-workers and definitely hang it on your wall. Let’s go biking and get the shots! 

• Because this is what you and your partner do, you ride bikes and visit cool places!

• And of course, you want art for your wall!

Really the question is Why Not?

With our private tour option, depending on your skill level, you can choose from any of our mtn bike tours.

Options to have a photographer & what to expect.

Half Day Mountain Bike Tour with a photographer – bike and shoot, Corie will ride ahead, along, and from afar to capture you and your family, friends, or partner on your guided ride. Corie, an avid mountain bike and Moab Local, knows all the right spots! 

• Up to 3 hours of Corie time
• Corie will ride along on your half-day tour
• 15 images to view for print 

Half-Day Photo Session Tour – A photo session on your bike at sunset or sunrise.
Corie will take you to a beautiful Moab mountain biking location and make you look your best on your bike. The photo session tour is designed to take photos; you will go to a trail with great photo spots and be featured in the best light.

• Up to 3 hours of Corie’s time
• 90 min bike portrait session with Corie on one of Moabs beautiful mtn. bike trails.
• 50 images to view for prints

Have your bike ride and bike portrait session too –

Full-Day Tour – Ride with a guide in the morning and have a Sunset Photo Session
Bike with a guide in the morning, and for sunset Corie will take you to a trail with great photo locations and the best evening light to photograph you, your family, you and your partner or the whole group on your bikes.

• half-day mountain bike tour with a Rim Tours guide
• 90 min bike and portrait session with Corie at sunset in one of Moab’s beautiful mountain bike locations.
• up to 3 hours during the bike and portrait session
• 50 images to view for prints

*There will be a break between sessions on the full day tour

A little about your photographer Corie – You can feel at ease with Corie on the trail, as a mountain bike enthusiast and former backcountry guide here at Rim Tours, she also traveled the west teaching mountain bike skills camps, and is a certified level II (BICP) skills instructor. Originally from Alaska Corie moved to Moab after completing photography school at Colorado Mountain College in pursuit of her passion for mtn. biking. In the past years she has broadened her work to include photography. You can find her in the national parks or out on the trail photographing families, couples, outdoor enthusiasts, and dogs too.
See can see all of Corie’s Work Samples here

What you can expect – 
• A photo consultation, A Moab mtn. bike ride, a personal reveal meeting, prints delivered to your door, low res digital files of all the images you printed.

My services – 
• a personal consultation – expert advice on mtn.biking and best photo locations
• up to three hours of my time on the bike
• A reveal meeting – let’s get excited together, you look so good to let’s print it for your wall. 
• printing service – I will take care of this and have it delivered to your front door

The Photographer Cost is $250 and 3 hours of Corie’s time.

Prints start at $50, you buy what you want and pricing is discussed in the initial consultation.

Day Tour Details

Private Guided Bike Tour with Photographer

  • Duration: ,
  • Skill Level: , , ,
  • Private Tour Price:

    Photographer cost $250 plus the tour cost below:

    Half  Day     Full Day  
    1 $185 pp   1 $230 pp
    2-3 $135 pp   2-3 $170 pp
    4-8 $125 pp   4-8 $155 pp
    9-13 $115 pp   9-13 $145 pp
    14-24 $100 pp   14-24 $140 pp
    25+ inquire   25+ inquire

    Price includes bike. Subtract $25 own bike.
    Price does not include tax or guide gratuity.

    Pricing Structure
    Bike Rentals
    Deposit / Cancellation policy

  • Departs: Standard half and full-day tours depart in the morning — time varies seasonally
  • Distance: Half Day 7 - 10 miles / Full Day 15-20 miles
  • Special Notes:

    Exact trail to be determined by our staff to provide the best experience for your ability.

    Private tours have flexibility for departure times but we usually recommend a morning meet time which varies seasonally

    Half-day: approx. 8-10 miles
    Full-day: 15-20 miles


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    A Few Clouds and Windy
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