Desert Sunrise

Perfect For Those Without A Lot Of Mountain Biking Experience

Even though this tour leaves town at the crack of dawn, the magnificent views and desert sunrise are worth waking up for! Join us for this memorable sunrise tour, complete with a delicious continental-style breakfast, unparalleled scenic vistas and a fun easy route through amazing desert terrain, including some sections of slickrock.

This tour is perfect for those without a lot of mountain biking experience. That said, all riders need to be comfortable using hand brakes as well as be fit enough to pedal up some rising terrain. It will include about 2.5 hours of pedaling time. Four person minimum required for this tour.

This tour is offered on a custom basis only. Please call or email for availability.


For further details, view a photo gallery about this tour.


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Desert Sunrise

  • Duration:
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  • Standard Price:

    This tour is offered on a custom basis only.

    Please call or email regarding price.

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  • Distance: 8 - 10 miles
  • Special Notes:
    • Tour departs 5:30 – 6:30 AM depending on season
    • Tour includes about 2.5 hours of pedaling time
    • Offered May – September
    • 4 person minimum
    • Includes a full, continental-style breakfast on site at the beginning of the tour
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  • Fair and 94 F at Moab, Canyonlands Field, UT
    Winds are from the Northwest at 13.8 gusting to 23.0 MPH (12 gusting to 20 KT). The pressure is 1011.4 mb and the humidity is 15%. The heat index is 90. Last Updated on Aug 3 2021, 5:53 pm MDT.

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