Blue Buffalo Ebike

Blue Buffalo - Monitor Merrimac

This classic Rim Tour gets resurrected for Ebikes in 2023! Ride from the historic Mill Canyon stage station through a small canyon out to vast expanses of slickrock. Ebikes make it a blast to zip up and down the slickrock, and a long-wide open descent back to the vehicles offers plenty of opportunity for high-speed, without exposure or cliffs.

This tour is suitable for those riders with some Mtb or off-road cycling experience. If you are looking for another fun Ebike ride, check out Klondike Bluffs Beginner’s Ebike Tour.

Blue Buffalo Photo Gallery

A photo gallery for the Blue Buffalo mountain bike tour

Day Tour Details

Blue Buffalo Ebike

  • Duration:
  • Skill Level: ,
  • EBike Compatible
  • Standard Price:

    Blue Buffalo Ebike is a 1/2 Day Ride

    # pp in reservation    
    Solo $285 pp  
    2+ $190 pp  
  • Private Tour Price:
    # pp in reservation    
    Solo $340 pp  
    2+ $235 pp  

    Price includes Ebike. Subtract $50 own bike.
    Price does not include tax or guide gratuity.

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  • Distance: 8-12 miles
  • Special Notes:

    Monitor Merrimac area