Pearl Pass Tour to Aspen

Historic 40th Annual
Pearl Pass Tour to Aspen

Please join us on the Historic 40th Annual Pearl Pass Tour to Aspen

Obejoyful '79 (adjusted)

Can you believe it? It's been 40 years!! The 40th Annual Pearl Pass Tour to Aspen will be on the weekend of September 10th and 11th, 2016. If you would like to join the 40th Annual Tour please sign up and plan to be in Crested Butte on the morning of the 10th. We meet at the CB Mountain Heritage Museum at 8:00 am and the Tour leaves at 9:00 am sharp. It's a 2-Day ride for everyone this year unless you want to pedal on your own on Sunday all the way to Aspen!

Klunkers are the desired method of travel.

Heading to Pearl Pass '80 (adjusted)

There will be a camp-out on Saturday Night with a yummy dinner and breakfast provided by Rim Tours. Beer will be provided by Wichita Brewing Company, The ride to Aspen over 12,705 ft Pearl Pass is Sunday. We will shuttle folks home to Crested Butte Sunday Evening, after celebrating in Aspen.  It is a 38-mile ride. Needless to say, make sure you are in top shape if you plan to ride this tour.

Some folks arrange to have friends or loved ones pick them up in Aspen. There is room for 45 ppl this year's PP Tour. Cost is $80.00 for the Tour to Aspen and $115.00 for the Tour to Aspen with the return shuttle to Crested Butte from Aspen Sunday evening. There is room for 25 people on the return shuttle. Here is a link to the website for registration.

Weather permitting; this tour will be cancelled if there is too much snow or rain!

Email for more info.