Covid Mitigation Procedures: How Your Multi-day Trip Will Work

Covid Mitigation Procedures:

How Your Multi-day Trip Will Work

Prior To Your Trip Departure:

  1. We will have you sign a waiver and Participation Covid-19 Contract prior to your arrival.  The contract is to certify that you aren’t sick; haven’t been in contact with suspected or confirmed cases of Covid-19; that you agree to provide your own mask and wear it when requested by our staff.  We will ask you to complete the Contract within 5 days of your trip departure so that your health information is current.
  2. If you are a health care professional and cannot certify that you haven’t been around sick people, please call us to discuss the circumstances

Upon Arrival At Your Meeting Point:

  1. We will ask you to wash your hands upon arrival and wear your mask when indoors at our office or at another meeting place and also when within 6 feet of each other and our staff.
  2. We ask that you have your mask handy throughout the tour and while you won’t need to ride with your mask on, in the event that you need first aid/medical attention, your mask must be quickly accessible to provide first aid to you.
  3. We will be disinfecting surfaces that you or others may touch and we will ask you to wash hands when moving from one task to another such as from packing your gear up in our dry bags and then moving to having your rental bike fitted.
  4. Any food service will be served to you rather than having any sort of a buffet offering as we have done in the past.  Our staff can pour your coffee and hand out food, snacks and/or lunches.  We are minimizing any points of multiple contact between guests and our staff.
  5. Our bikes and rental helmets are washed and disinfected after each use.

Transportation To Trailhead:

  1. We will ask you to wash your hands and put your mask on before entering our vehicle.  Please wear your mask for the duration of the ride. 
  2. We will be creating as much distance as possible in the vans unless there are family groups or friends that aren’t practicing distancing with each other but we will always practice distance between our staff and guests.
  3. We disinfect our vehicles after each use.

While On Tour:

  1. You can expect to wash your hands frequently throughout your tour and we have hands free wash stations.
  2. We ask that you report any changes to your health while on tour immediately to your guides.
  3. Your guides will ask you to use your mask if they are assisting you with bike fit or close contact instruction.
  4. Food service including all snacks will be served by your guides so there will be no group access to a snack box or buffet type meals.  Each meal or snack stop will have food served by your guides after they have washed/sanitized their hands and/or gloves will be used.  We will ask that you put your mask on when food is being served due to the close proximity to our staff while serving.
  5. Water dispensing may be allowed by guests with hand wash/sanitize prior to each use.
  6. Access to drink cooler may be allowed by guests with hand wash/sanitize prior to each use.
  7. Toilet facilities – we require that you wash hands prior to and after using toilet facilities.
  8. There may be other instances where guides may request that guests wear masks due to close proximity to guides and/or other guests.
  9. We do have procedures for handling any suspected cases of Covid-19 virus either with a guest or staff member while on tour.

Please note that these procedures are subject to change and we will do our best to notify you of changes in a timely manner!

Thank you for your cooperation and support of Rim Tours.