Thank you Matt and KP!

When Matt Hebberd and Kirstin Peterson arrived in Moab in the late 80’s, this whole mountain bike thing was mostly just an idea that they wanted to share with the world. 35 years later, they along with a gang of boot-strapping entrepreneurs turned the mining town of Moab into a mecca for mountain biking, known the world over.

Vintage Rim Tours Marketing slides

Modeled after the success of the overnight raft trips, Rim Tours developed some of the first “overland” mountain bike tours, and a fleet of monster 4×4 trucks to support a level of backcountry comfort while riding bikes through the desert for several days. Kirstin is an adept business woman and skillfully navigated the business over three decades of success and tumult. MTB hall-of-famer Matt managed a growing fleet of bikes and vehicles, and brought the stoke riding every day always. Thankfully, the calling of the wide open desert has enchanted many, and the general trajectory of Moab has been that of a rocket ship and the business has been successful over 39 years!

They’ve cultivated an amazing work environment and many employees have made a life in Moab while working with Rim Tours for a decade or more. The stars aligned for one such guide, Reid Bakken, in 2022 when along with his oldest brother, they offered to buy the company. Eric and his wife Eva own Village Roaster coffee shop and bring small business expertise, and Reid is an enthusiastic builder and entrepreneur, not to mention singletrack explorer. It took a few years to work out the details and numerous permits, but in late 2023 they signed the deal.

Rim Tours’ new owners Eric, Eva and Reid love bikes too!

For 2024 and beyond, we hope you will keep choosing to vacation with us, whether checking out for a campout, sharing a day with your family on bikes, or shredding singletrack. Expect great guides, excellent food, awesome bikes and a bunch of rocks! You might catch Reid answering the phone in between welding projects or filling in for injured guides on your tour. Rim Tours will continue to offer classic desert experiences like the White Rim Trail, high alpine adventure on the Colorado Trail and daily guided rides in Moab. And when you’re on the trail, look out for 2 new glowing retirees, loving their added free time. Thanks Matt and KP for everything you’ve built at Rim Tours!

Reid and the Rim Tours Team