Desert Dawg Adventure Blawg

If you love the desert, camping and dogs, you'll love this blog!

Desert Dawg and his buddy Rob somewhere near Moab.

Desert Dawg Adventure Blawg is highly unusual fare. For one, it is written by a dog.

No, seriously. This dog has somehow figured out how to blog. And he's quite articulate, always shedding light on the best method of training his man, especially with respect to camping in the desert, which he and his man seem to have turned into a full-time occupation.

DD in one of his recent posts, My Dawg Friends Rule, gives some tips on training humans:

My dawg friends rule. You know who you are. There’s a lot of you out there but some are really special. You know how to sneak me salami skins when man isn’t looking. You know all about bacon. We howl at the moon together. Or just howl for the sake of howling. You know to take of my stupid pack and carry it so i don’t have to. Actually man has stopped making me carry a pack a while ago anyway. It takes time to train humans, patience, positive reinforcement, treats. But they can be trained with perseverance."

Another fav: Extreme By Day, Extremely Comfortable By Night

Sit, stay, the easy stuff is no problem. But, getting man to carry ten pounds of gear and food for me? Well, it wasn’t easy but after a couple of years he figured it out. The other thing that takes some time is camp orientation.

We here at Rim Tours are extremely pro-dawg. On any given day, there are more than likely to be a pack of four-leggeds roaming around the shop and lounging on blankets permanently spread under desks for their comfort.

We invite Desert Dawg to drop by, anytime! We'd love to meet him.

DD was also featured in a recent short film that was part of the Telluride Mountain Film Festival and is viewable on Outside Online.